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If you download any of Steve Smy's ebooks and enjoy them, then a donation would be very much appreciated, to help provide for future costs. Thank you!

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Imagineer Books


Imagineer Books is the chosen identity for those involved in all levels of the planning, creation, proofing, development, prepublication, publication, marketing and publicity for each book/eBook written by Steve K Smy. Different members of the team generally fulfil those aspects of the process which they have a particular interest in or liking for. We believe this is a winning formula.

One area we all believe is vital is proofreading! We've all had enough of the never ending typographical errors of just about every kind of publication! Especially bad for these, interestingly, are, it seems, the big publishing companies! We promise to do our utmost to exclude such errors from Imagineer Book publications. Of course, we are human, so the odd one might slip through. In that event, we'd love to be informed!

All Imagineer eBooks will be made available in various eReader formats. Note that the available formats will be governed by whatever site you download them from! The most extensive range of formats is offered by If you don't own an eReader, you can download suitable apps for computers, tablets and some smartphones, usually from the eReader web sites.

We hope you enjoy all Imagineer Books. We're happy to hear from readers but please, if you're one of those sad people with nothing to offer but malicious nonsense, then do find something else to fill your time with.

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